SlideBook Reader

Open and View SlideBook Files

SlideBook Reader is a free download that allows viewing of .sld and .sldy files in the familiar user interface of SlideBook. In addition to viewing data in XY, XZ and YZ projections, Reader includes a handful of useful tools:

  • Full renormalization and lookup table options
  • Export 16-bit tiff images
  • View and graph regions of interest
  • Export graphs and graph data
  • Perform length and angle measurements Display and edit annotations

SlideBook Reader is compatible with Windows 10 and later. MacOS is not available at this time.

Download SlideBook Reader

SlideBook digital microscopy software advances research microscopy through the entire experimental process. By managing everything from instrument control to image processing and data analysis, SlideBook allows scientists to focus on investigation rather than instrumentation. SlideBook comes standard with drivers to control hundreds of instruments in and around the microscope. Online, data is acquired in a native-3D format over time, color and specimen locations in customizable experiment protocols. Offline, data can be analyzed by a wide variety of tools for image processing including mathematical operations, statistics functions, analysis scripting and import/export to/from other microscopy software. Additional modules are available for special applications ranging from deconvolution to photomanipulation, holography, light sheet, adaptive optics and more.

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